About Klaudia

Klaudia arrived in the United States two decades ago from Poland where she studied law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. After her initial move to New York City, she obtained her Master of International Affairs at Columbia University. Klaudia has worked at the United Nations for missions to the UN and was an Art Advisor at Martin Lawrence Gallery in NYC. She has been an Account Advisor for mutual funds and life insurance products at MetLife. She now resides in Miami Beach with her husband and daughter since 2013. 

Klaudia brings a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective to negotiation, presentation, and listening skills with inside knowledge complemented by a fresh outlook on the Miami real estate market.  She has a keen sense of the potential in growing areas and expertise in Miami Beach. 

Whether you are looking for a dream home, secondary vacation escape or investment property with beneficial tax codes, asset appreciation, favorable cap rates, and assistance with the diversification of investment portfolios, Klaudia’s expertise aids her in working with a wide variety of clientele to meet their goals. She appreciates Miami’s ever-changing dynamics and the expansion in arts, sports, and business institutions that fuel the real estate market and enhances already existing Miami’s pillars as an up-and-coming global hub.

“Luxury is a state of mind - your needs, your preferences… It may mean flip-flops or Christian Louboutin, or perhaps it is the smell of the fresh grass in your garden and the comfort of carelessly letting your dog out in the morning, or maybe feeling the morning breeze on your face and seeing it ocean horizon beyond your private dock. Whatever your definition of luxury may be, I will find your dream home for you.”