About Israel 

Israel Salabarria’s expertise in the Florida Real Estate Luxury Market spans over 30 years in both commercial and residential real estate sales, appraisal, and property management. His niche as a market expert in those fields was acquired advising both local and foreign investors to meet and surpass their investment goals. Israel focuses on valuation and analysis, all while helping clients grow their wealth and maximize their tax advantages. As both a certified general appraiser, real estate broker, and also active investor, Israel has a unique market understanding and perspective not often found in the industry. By combining his extensive appraisal and management experience with his three decades of brokering real estate transactions, Israel is well-positioned to advise foreign and local clients alike on the investment opportunity that best fits their needs. He has comprised a team of strategic partners that include CPAs, attorneys, financial lenders, and wealth managers to provide clients a 360° view of their investment potential.